Course Description

Income Tax

Basic Concepts of Taxation (Applicability, scope of total income, tax structure, amendment brought by F.A.2018)
Introduction with various Forms of challan and return forms,
Due dates of Payment and Filing Return
Tax Planning
Computation : Income from Salaries ,
: Income from House Property : Income from Other Sources
Sources of Investments, Savings & Promotions: Deduction under chapter VI-A (Section 80C to 80U)
Online payment of income tax
Filing of ITR- I
Income from Capital Gain
Filing of ITR-II
TDS- Concept & Process section 192 to 194J
Forms, Return Filing 24Q/26Q/27Q



Basic Concepts and rules, Applicability, Provisions etc.
Goods & Services not covered under GST Purview,
Online Registration Process,
Reverse charge, Partial reverse charge mechanism,
Cenvat Credit
Various Forms, Challan of payment and Return filing,
Due Dates of Payment of tax and Filing of Return,
Computation and invoicing
GST Rates on different products
E-way bill system
Documentation under GST


Learning Objective

Student shall learn the procedural aspects of taxation. Tax computation, assessment procedures, Payment of income tax, Filing of income tax return. They will also be able to handle the practical process of tds and their workings.

Under the new era of indirect taxation achieve well and expert knowledge of GST, their applicability, charge ability, Payment of tax to the credit of Government and disclosure requirement after filing the proper return.